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Civil and Human Rights
Tell President Obama to welcome Syrian refugees TODAY!
We need 100,000 signatures to get the president's attention: 
We're still 40,000 short!
Sign the Petition Now!

Watching Syrian refugees stream 
into Europe has been heart-breaking

But I am glad to say there is something we can do right now! It is clear that the United States must respond with leadership. The U.S. has only resettled 1,517 Syrian refugees since the beginning of the conflict. We can do MUCH better.

Countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan are hosting millions of Syrian refugees. The United States can and should resettle at least 100,000 Syrian refugees, plus increase our total resettlement commitment from 70,000 to 100,000 refugees from all parts of the world. Here is what YOU and your congregation can do

Sign this petition now. Demand the U.S. increase the resettlement of Syrian refugees! We need 100,000 signatures before Sept. 30 to require a response from President Obama. So please spread this petition far and wide!

Also, call the White House at (202) 456-1111 and use this script:

Hi, my name is              . As a United Methodist, I urge President Obama to increase refugee resettlement from 70,000 to 100,000 this coming year, and accept an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees. We cannot ignore this humanitarian crisis.

Lastly, share this alert on social media! Here are some sample tweets: 

  • Sign the petition to demand the U.S. do more in response to the Syrian #refugee crisis! #WelcomeWorld
  • The U.S. can do more to resettle Syrian #refugees. Sign the petition today if you agree! #WelcomeWorld

Let's not watch this humanitarian crisis without acting. Let's do all we can right now to ensure safety for Syrian refugees!

In Christ, 

Bill Mefford
Director of Civil & Human Rights


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