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We at Lansdale United Methodist Church are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition with a heritage of faith in experiencing both a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a communal expression of compassion for others. All of this is based on the foundational belief in the gift of prayer that sustains us as individuals and as a church. We seek to know God's will and express that will in disciplined lives of faith through worship, Bible study and Christian education,  financial giving, talents, time and service.


Bishop Peggy Johnson's 
Call for Prayer as Police Search for Bradley Stone 


Just a month after the police manhunt for Eric Frein ended in the Pocono Mountains area, our brave law enforcement officers are searching again for another man, Bradley W. Stone, a Marine veteran with PTSD who police say shot and killed his ex-wife and four of her family members yesterday. (At the time this was written, Bradley Stone had not been found. Their search concluded Tuesday afternoon when he was found dead near his Pennsburg home.)  


Stone's alleged rampage began in Montgomery County (Lower Salford, Lansdale and Souderton) and his flight from capture extended into Central Bucks County, including Doylestown, causing public anxiety amid police searches, lockdowns and requests for residents to shelter in place. Several schools are closed while others are taking cautionary measures today.


One of our pastors, the Rev. Blaik Westhoff of Tabor UMC in Woxall, was able to contact church members who live very near one of Stone's victims, and found them to be safe. We are asking pastors in all the affected communities to keep us informed of any developments affecting members of their congregations. And like Blaik, we are asking all members of the Eastern PA Conference to keep area residents and especially surviving family members of those who were killed in their thoughts and prayers.


Let us remember and grieve for: Nicole Hill Stone and her mother and grandmother, Joanne and Patricia Hill; her sister Patricia Flick and her husband Aaron and their children, one of whom was killed and the other wounded and hospitalized. These are tragic murders and a terrible loss to a family and a community, a loss to all of us. Let us also pray for the Stones' two innocent but surely traumatized young daughters, ages 5 and 7, who were taken by the assailant from their home but are reported to be safe and staying with a neighbor in Pennsburg.


Let us pray for the law enforcement officers who are searching for the suspected murderer, Bradley Stone. Pray that they stay safe and are granted success in their search and eventual apprehension of him. And finally, let us pray for Bradley Stone himself, that his heart, his conscience is convicted by the awful gravity of what he has done, that he puts down his weapons and surrenders to police, and that no more innocent lives are taken in this still unfolding crisis.


These two days have seen hostages terrorized and killed by a murderous zealot in Sydney, Australia, and over a hundred children slaughtered by Taliban gunmen at a school in Pakistan.  There has been far too much innocent blood spilled, too many precious lives lost, too many families devastated and communities traumatized by angry, deranged, murderous assailants who believe they have cause for their calamitous misdeeds.


I ask, I plead for all of us to not turn away in apathy from this awful coincidence of murders and mayhem, but that we pray deeply in our souls to almighty God, asking humbly that our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer of all life will touch and heal the many hearts that are broken today, and shine divine light and peace into lives darkened and devastated by fear and loss of loved ones. Pray that even if we are unable to make sense of these senseless acts that are happening too frequently across the landscape of our global village, we can still look unto heaven, from whence cometh our help. We can still find inspiration to draw closer to God and ever closer to one another, even as we welcome and celebrate Christ's birth and as we faithfully await his return.


We remember today precious children violently taken from us-yes, from all of us-in our local area as well as in Pakistan and almost daily around the world. We remember the 26 children and adults whose lives were taken from us two years ago this week at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. We remember them, as we remember also a precious child born to us in a lowly manger in Bethlehem more than two millennia ago, a child of sacred promise who still offers eternal, consoling hope to heavy hearts and a blessing of peace and love to a world in desperate need of both.


May God bless you all, my friends, and may God move your hearts to join mine in fervent prayer for children and adults in our region and throughout our global village who need our daily, individual and collective prayers for healing and peace. Shalom.


Bishop Peggy A. Johnson