Church and Society

The Church & Society Committee organizes the following activities as a way for our congregation to serve the community.
1. Manna on Main Street– Manna on Main Street is a soup kitchen in Lansdale that serves our community. Our congregation is responsible for running Manna on Saturday mornings.
2. Crop Walk– The Crop Walk is an ecumenical, interfaith community event. In October many members of the LUMC participate in the North Penn area 10 K walk around Lansdale. Funds raised help support the worldwide programs of Church World Service, providing sustainable self help and development, disaster relief and refuge assistance in more than 80 countries. Seventy-five percent of the funds raised help to fight hunger in our local community.
The North Penn Area CROP Walk will be held Sunday, October 9 (rain or shine) at 1:30 pm. The walk will start and end at Trinity Lutheran Church, Main Street and Valley Forge Road, Lansdale. Sign up for the walk after church on Sundays now through October 2.
3. Interfaith Hospitality Network– The Interfaith Hospitality Network supports families in our community that are temporarily homeless. For one month, families in the network will live in our church as they work to regain their independence. Members of our congregation support these families by participating in activities such as providing childcare, preparing dinner nightly, providing daily transportation and chaperoning guests during the overnight hours.
4. “Trick or Treat” for UNICEF– Our committee organizes the children of our congregation to collect funds for UNICEF while they Trick or Treat on Halloween.
5. Recycling– Our congregation is encouraged to recycle items that are not collected by their regular trash hauler. One Saturday a month, items to be recycled are collected at the church and transported to the Pottstown Recycling Center.
Additional Recycling Information for Lansdale United Methodist Church only:
Items taken by regular trash hauler
Glass (all colors)
Junk mail
Plastics #1 and #2
Items that can be recycled at Pottstown
Plastics: #3- Bubble Packs
#4- Squeezable Bottles
#5- Yogurt and Cottage Cheese containers
#6- Crinkle cookie trays and Salad bar containers
Styrofoam: Separate into solid packing type, food containers and peanuts
Polycoated Containers: Milk and juice cartons
Aluminum: Foil, pie plates and trays
Caps and Lids: Separate plastic from metal (no pump type)
Six Pack container rings
Batteries: No automotive
Electronics: Does not have to work
Miscellaneous: Eyeglasses- no broken lenses
Phonograph records, tapes, CDs, videos and computer disks
Flower Pots- clean clay or plastic
Worn out clothing, sheets, towels and fabric- will be recycled into new cloth