Fulfilling Our Covenant

EPA LOGOBeginning our 228th year, the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church has served the spiritual needs of the people of Eastern Pennsylvania – a vibrant and diverse community, spanning 16 counties and 7 metropolitan areas.  As we reflect on our past blessings, we have the responsibility to ensure a future even more dynamic than our past.
Fulfilling Our Covenant is a Conference-wide stewardship and financial campaign that strives to raise a minimum of $3,000,000 in gifts and pledges.   It is one tier of a three tier, $11 million Annual Conference Resolution (RESOLUTION# 2012-21) to address the Pre-1982 Clergy Pension liability obligation. 
Through this initiative, we seek to invite every member of every church to consider the impact of clergy in his or her lives.  These men and women — more accustomed to giving rather than receiving, to serving rather than being served – are worthy of our support.  We prayerfully ask that you consider joining your brothers and sisters across more than 400 congregations to address an obligation to our past that will help shape our future.  Together, as one family, we can honor those who have made a profound impact on our lives.
The Eastern PA Conference churches will be responsible for 25% or $3 million of the unfunded liability through this fundraising campaign in order to raise sufficient funds.  Lansdale UMC is being asked to pledge $18,800 to be paid quarterly over a 3 to 5 year period. 
You may use a special envelope in which to contribute to this unique fundraiser or designate on your weekly contribution your desire to contribute.  The envelopes are labeled “Fulfilling the Covenant.”  A very simple equation to accomplish our portion of the pledge is for 100 members to pledge and give $38 per year for 5 years to this campaign. That’s all it would take to fulfill our portion of the Covenant to the Conference.  
Remember the wonderful and dedicated Pastors who will benefit from the Pre’82 Pension.
Walt Bingham
Ed Barlow
Dave Heberling
Dave Cramp
Phil Ponce`
Our next payment is due soon, so please consider the immediate need to respond to Fulfill the Covenant.