Higher Education and Scholarship Grants

Grants to Assist In Defraying Higher Education Costs
April 30 is rapidly approaching. On that date, the Education Society of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church will be accepting grant applications to assist worthy individuals with defraying the cost of higher education for the 2018-2019 school year. The application is available on the Conference website. It can be accessed as “Grants to Defray Higher Education Costs.” at the following website address:


All applications received in the Conference Office (between and including) April 30 to May 21 will be considered for a grant. Like last year, all applications will be considered. Unless there is some disqualification, grant recipients will be randomly selected. 
It is important that this information be provided to church members who plan to attend an institution of higher learning in the fall of 2018. Please communicate this grant opportunity to your congregation as soon as possible.
If you have questions, please contact the Education Society Chairperson, Al Adey at ahadey@verizon.net.
The LUMC Scholarship program will be available in the
Spring of 2018 for the upcoming school year. 
Please watch the Circuit Rider and weekly bulletin
for information and deadlines.  
Scholarships are available to new and current college students for the 2017-2018 school year.  There are scholarships for students interested in continuing education in Allied Health, Christian Ministry and/or Education, Architecture, and general Higher Education degrees.  
Slyh – Allied Health (Nursing, Medical Technology, Etc.)
Roth – Christian Ministry/Education
Ruthrauff – Architecture
Stevenson – Higher Education after High School
In anticipation of a fairly large number of applications for Scholarships funds, the committee must recognize financial need as a factor for receiving scholarship money. Accordingly, please attach a letter to your application, addressed to the Scholarship Committee, outlining your financial need in as much detail as possible. A confidential letter from your parents/guardian may be submitted as well to further justify your financial need.
Please complete both sides of the application completely.
Decisions will be made by Memorial Day so please complete the
and return along with your letter to the Church Office before May 14, 2017.
The Scholarship Committee