LUMC’s Mary Noll is helping flood victims in Baton Rouge, LA.

Please listen to Mary tell why she is spending e weeks of her own time in Louisiana.  
Sara Smith on Twitter: “It takes a special person to spend 3+ weeks away from home to volunteer to help. Mary is from #montco #laflood

Camping…UM Style

Several of our young people slipped back into time to enjoy a week of Methodist Camping.  Please enjoy the camping slideshow.

“New” Grand Piano

Many of you already know that we acquired a grand piano this spring to add to our beautiful sanctuary.  Our new choir director, Frank Coates, was able to procure the used piano from another church.  They loved their piano but no longer had a use for it and were looking for a good home.  A piano moving company was hired to bring it into the church and set it up in the sanctuary and now we are proud owners of this beautiful instrument.  

Ruth Rineer, our organist, is very happy with the new piano as is the entire congregation.  

Thank you Frank Coates for making this happen!

A slideshow was created to show the arrival of our new addition.  Also watch the inauguration piece as played by Frank Coates last March.  

Better still, come out this Sunday and listen to the beautiful music during our Worship Service at 9:00AM or our Praise! Service at 10:30AM.