Congregational Care

In June of 2011 Pastor Walt Bingham retired from his role as Pastor of Visitation at Lansdale United Methodist Church.  Pastor Walt spent many hours visiting with, praying with, and bringing communion to our home-bound members.
Obviously this was a ministry we all agreed needed to continue. Around the same time, an idea had been brewing in more than a few of our member’s heads.  Many of us were thinking, we as the congregation, needed to keep better track of and provide this type of care for our home-bound members.  It turned out that our instincts were correct and this is a mission that is very much appreciated by those we visit.  
What has been a surprise is that we as volunteers have been equally blessed during our visits with our home-bound members. We’ve enjoyed getting to know each other on a deeper level.  Many of us have been touched by hearing their testimony about how God has been present throughout their lives.  We are cheered by their hospitality and share many smiles and laughter.
We go out to make our visits in pairs and at this time we have six groups which make monthly communion visits along with social visits. We welcome anyone who would like to join the congregational care team. 
If you know of anyone who is need of our services please let us know by contacting the church office.