Stewardship and Giving

At Lansdale United Methodist Church we believe that part of the foundation of the church is the fostering of the idea of stewardship.  While most people believe that stewardship is all about money, and to some degree it is about material things, it is not JUST about the money.  We believe that we need to be good stewards of everything we receive from the Lord.  Our time, talents, health, abilities, and yes, our material things.  If we respect the fact that all things come from Him, and it is up to us to return a portion of what we are given back to Him, our lives will be all the more enriched.
We have tried to make it easy for everyone to make the most of their gifts, by our ministries in which people can promote their talents for His good, and also by education.  We provide banks to our children and youth, and help them understand the value of saving some, spending some, giving some. 
In recent years, Lansdale United Methodist Church has held fund raising campaigns for different things.  A 2011 campaign aimed at making sure we met the budget was called Lift High The Cross.  And we did, thanks to those who felt called to lead, and did a wonderful job leading to the success of that campaign.  We won’t mention any names, but Luann Ingram has been called by the Spirit to raise her hand more than once in recent history!
And we provide easy methods, for those who follow scripture and tithe, to do their giving.  While we do not discourage those who still want to write a check and have the satisfaction of placing it in the collection plate on Sunday morning, we also want to keep up with the times, and allow those who want to do their giving electronically the ability to do just that.
Setting up giving to the church electronically can be done on your bank’s web site or through a financial management program such as Quicken. In both cases a paper check is mailed to LUMC.  In either case, you set up the church as a payee as follows (be sure to include the Attn: Financial Secretary line in the address section so the check will be included in the Sunday offering):
Lansdale United Methodist Church
Attn: Financial Secretary
300 N. Broad Street
Lansdale, PA 19446
Then set your envelope number as the account number and indicate in the memo section how you want your gift to be used.  For example: All operations or $75 operations $35 improvement.  You may specify that it be used all for Operations, or some for Improvement or something specific.  Most churches today are facing challenges of meeting operational budgets, and therefore most congregation members leave the placement of the funds up to the Financial Secretary and staff. 
The final step is to indicate when you want the payment to arrive. We suggest setting the date to be the Friday before you want the gift to be received. That way if the mail is delayed until Saturday, your gift will arrive in time to be included in the Sunday offering.
If you have any questions please feel free to call:
Warren Shaedle
H: 215-368-4735
C: 215-692-0668