15Board of Trustees
The Trustees serve as the official, legal servants in matters of business. They are the signatory group for signing legal documents on behalf of the church, particularly as property and financial contracts are involved. The Trustees, serving as custodians of the church property, provide supervision, oversight and care of all real property and equipment acquired directly by the local church. And the Trustees also act on behalf of the church in selling and acquiring property.
The Trustees meet on the first Wednesday of each month. Email to the Trustees should be sent to  
2019- 2020 Board of Trustees Members
  • Bob Snyder – Chair
  • Bob Kennedy – Vice-Chair
  • John Dasch – Treasurer
  • Linda Perry – Secretary
  • Charles Shaw
  • Jim Fisher
  • Wayne Barnes
  • Luann Ingram
  • Non-voting members – Pastor Bill Lentz & Bill Scheetz
A continual function of the Board of Trustees is to monitor the church security and the safety of its community, and be proactive in their protection.  In order to mitigate a security concern, some exterior doors have been fitted with electronic locks that have card access control and others have been rekeyed. For more information, see Facility Access.  To request an Access Key, click on Facility Access Key Request above.
The Trustees have developed a Facilities Use Policy (Rev. 1.0) which is now in effect. Included is the Facilities Use Request Form which will be required to be completed for all facility usage requests submitted to the Trustees. Click here to download a copy.
Active Projects
The following projects are actively being reviewed or are in the process of being sourced or implemented:
Trustees Action Item Tracker
The Trustees have implemented an Action Item tracking database. Any church member may submit a request for Trustee Action by selecting the Trustee Action Item Tracker link above. Let us know of concerns or items that need attention. Submitted Action Items are automatically emailed to the Trustees and reviewed for action. You can sign in as a Guest and submit a ticket or view the open action items.
Recent Projects
The following projects were completed recently:
Top Trustee Action Items  
The Top Trustee Action Items: